We are offering Outsourcing / IT Services to both domestic and foreign clients based upon transparent principles, within an agreed scope and time, and on competitive terms. The extent of outsourcing is tailored to customers' needs and includes a wide range of individual and comprehensive solutions.

We creating a custom software adapted to the client. We create windowing applications, web, mobile, and complex computer systems. We are using technologies and programming languages such as PHP, .NET, JAVA.

We offer support and servicing of programs, applications and information systems and support covering many areas and IT industries. Outsourcing is the most modern tool to give businesses a competitive advantage through faster and cost-effective implementation of the projects. Outsourcing companies provide offer their experience and knowledge, allowing our clients to focus on what’s most important for them: their business activities. InfoSoftware guarantees the highest quality of service, reliability, punctuality at optimal cost.


IT outsourcing of .NET, ASP.NET, MVC, SQL, WS, PHP, JS. Software and hardware solutions for public and industrial entities

IT outsourcing of JEE (EJB, JPA, JSF, etc.), PrimeFaces, RichFaces with CDK, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Apache Lucene, SQL, noSQL, WebServices, REST, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and Android. Software solutions for public and industrial entities in traditional and SaaS model.


Microsoft Certified Professional Developers Java EE and Android developers

with long experience in various agile IT projects as leaders, project architects and senior developers


  • Flexibility and efficiency
  • Independence of innovation

Hiring external companies for software development is synonym for flexibility and efficiency. When you need to conduct a project within a very tight timeline, you can use companies like InfoSoftware Poland to limit the number of new employees and expenses related to training or technical support. InfoSoftware Poland will offer you the potential of our professional developers, while your job will consist of overseeing the project over the phone, e-mail or on a meeting.

Ordering InfoSoftware to develop the software you need will guarantee independence and innovation for your company. An individual software developer is not able to perform their own analysis of the application, or other products. InfoSoftware not only creates software for your company, we are also up to date with the trends on the software market, and therefore we are able to optimise the proposed solutions, create innovation and test them to provide you the best possible product. InfoSoftware Poland offer includes software development – even from scratch, testing, consulting services, technical support, software maintenance and expansion of functionality, implementation and management of applications or projects and even whole IT departments.


We offer high quality outsourcing services and IT solutions. With us, you can significantly reduce the cost of your own business and better adapt the company to the modern dynamic market. We guarantee full satisfaction from the services we provide and the products we deliver. You will experience nothing less than a kind and professional atmosphere of co-operation from our side.

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